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Dark wallpaper works well with us because we have so much light admission and the kitchen is in the south. So after some thinking tricks I actually this wonderful 30 / 40s, I dreamed of for several years. The model is called Caneli and comes from Finnish Tapettitito.

Unassuming, brustle and sweet in their simplicity. And do you see this little detail? Matchbox standing on chest panel chest. Sounds snapping but it was such a thing I just knew I wanted. For at home in Grandma and Grandpar’s kitchen, a chest panel is just sitting with a crownist who works as shelf. Where you can set match boxes, Christmas cards, small coins or other. And it looks so homely!

Something I did not know that I wanted when we visited Marbodal and sketched the kitchen – it was open kitchen shelves. I like to sign and stylish if known me so locked with overhead cabinets. I want to vary by season and celebrations and with open shelves I have the opportunity to play the best I want.

The old kitchen clock had to come up again and became a smooth exclamation. The gull rim in butter jealouses should climb from the shelf on towards the window and in the cans on the shelf there is baby porridge and tea. The sweet edge band on the shelf I have bought at Ljungagårdens Allehanda in Borås, along with the implement hanger in the tramp logging located above the sink.

On the wall at the kitchen counter, I mounted an old report. There I have spices, tea, vanilla powder, saffron, dry yeast and other small necessities. Everything you see is used – nothing is just like the beans! The golden can on top of the shelf is for instant coffee and the yellow can is for tea bags. In the yellow little ceramic bowl we have salt.

I have to say that I am so ridiculously fond of our kitchen. How the modern, practical functions marry everything beautifully. Like the armchair, wood stove, the hand-woven drapery and ancient utensils of all kinds.

And again – everything is used! The cocoa borne really keeps cocoa and the colander and the funnel hanging here is like that we usually everyday! Novemberkaktusen on top shelf I placed there with inspiration from Ilon Wiklands Tant mountain illustrations.

When we still renovated we took place on painting around wood stove and Murstock where it was so dirty and dusty. Now I’m just going to blacken the stove too!

Something I’m fond of is things hanging from different heights and makes your eyes be drawn against the ceiling height. First, I have hung an old kerosene lamp over the kitchen counter but also amplets a little here and was. This old nice tramp lover camera I found on the flea in summer.

An older tray band has come forward and obviously, a crocheted mortal has been placed above the wall. The tip curtains in cotton I shouted home on Tradera. Thinking cotton tip is so the racket fine!

I have always loved our kitchen and think it is the home’s best room. But now I love it even more! To stand and cook at this view every day – it is everyday pleasure it. But despite all the fine details I have become so pleased with this, it is actually this that makes me happy:

Extrasable shelves, modern cabinet furnishings, soft-closing gaps and thoughtful practical design. Yep. Just as simple it is.

Phu. Did you hopped unrecognized to the end of this account? I promise I will show some more pictures from the process later. But today I wanted to focus on the end result. Surely I have forgotten to mention any important detail so ask questions in the comment field so I will answer. And on my Instagram Stories there is a filmed tour from the kitchen published!

And you are looking to know more about what can be done in your kitchen – whether being completely renovated or supplemented with some smart functions – well then I want to make sure to visit any of Marbodal’s dealers. They can all about the kitchen and a little. And asking costs nothing.

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